Silque Zastra “ Astra” 31/12/2000-16/07/2007 Way too soon and totally unexpectedly we had to say goodbye to our beloved Astra on July 16th.  She wasn’t herself the last days, drank much, and slept much. There of a uterus lighting it was thought and therefore went them to the veterinary surgeon for an operation. During this intervention a liver tumor which, was determined, was already entirely sown. There was a possible profit no more aid and therefore became in her importance the decision taken to let fall asleep it’s softly Astra were a high-spirited dog, always prepared for craziness but them knew also what was work and this way I reached with here almost GP 1. Also Flyball was here passion and did she full dispossession. Astra were the herd leader which understood art to that prove them boss was once clearly only already with its once well right put and at to look at. Never has she found it to fight. She had simply the LEADER capacity. Nevertheless that she was incredible sweet. And to someone a very gladly cuddled or another animal has never bitten or growled. We its incredible missing but carry always in our heart! She leaves a terrible silence behind
Esperanza from Astra Caledonia “Rani” 01/09/2005 - 24/07/2007 After the terrible farewell of our beloved Astra last week we have had say goodbye brave Rani also on 24 th of July.  What for another dog a stupid cold was, was for our small girl fatal. She has still bravely kept out herself but was too exhausted still a honest chance on to survive . She stopped in my arms with breathe. I find to confor in the fact that we had the change to say goodbye Rani was a special doggy with an incredible spirit ! It went allready wrong form the birth on. After a couple visites to the animal clinic in Merelbeke its problem appeared in the fact that she had no pierce in the oesophagus. As a result, choked she in her food and because food runs partially in her lungs acquired herself them a pneumonia each time. As little puppy she was fedd with the probe large and if she became larger she got fixed food but had them in a special manner be conducted. Them had be conducted also each time with the hand. So we spent a lot of hours with each other. It went regulated wrong in spite of all precaution measures but each time fought herself out our brave meid with the aid of Ann, our veterinary surgeon and private doctor of Rani, who was always ready to help. In spite of that she was sick each time , was she still sharp at those moments. She involved in herself gladly with everything and especially with Djinny. It became however always more difficult antibiotics to find where she was by the multiple use not yet immune for. If we went on holiday Raantje will make pleasure at doctor Ann and her doggy's . There was she always safely whenever she needed help . We wanted nevertheless gladly with Rani once to sea and that has still succeeded on 13 July. And Rani her medical condition was at last well enough and so we went with Rani and her mummy Astra a day to the sea. This was, what appeared later, an unique moment. It was for both the last time… But what a great time she had our Rani, we and the doggy's miss you terribly, but hope that you are now whit your mammy! Rani became almost 2 years. Peter, Els en Saskia.
Name: Spirit from Astra Caledonia Petname: Roy 1/04/2006 ~ 8/09/2008 Sleep tide my precious Roy. You deserved a better life.
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