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Belgian All-Breed Kennelclub, recognized by FCI Registration of pets; Breedclub for BC All-breed dogclub Flyball-team of KV Brabo Association against puppymills Animal Hopital, From bird untill saying goodbey. Klinic at Kapellen DNA database for the Bordercollie Safety between children and dogs Pictures of dogs at show/ competition Bordercollie database Info about dog frisbee Online shop About activities with dogs Everything about BC Dog pedagogic institute
Groomers and from time-to-time breeders of English Cocker spaniels Erwin and Vanessa, owers of Flame’s Blue
In this zoo, dogs are allowed if they are on the lead Welcome in this open-air museum with dogs on the lead. A must for all who love old Belgian villages; Bungalowparc where more than 1 dog is allowed in each bungalow$ A nice walk and eat a snack accompanied by your dog. Bungalowparc in national parc. More than 1 dog welcome Holliday homes You find cosy holiday homes in Europe. Adresses in the Netherlands where you are welcome with dogs A quiet hotel on the banks of the Ourthe Bed & breakfast in the Ardennes Holliday homes with more than one dog